The word of the department head

In a daily life, on work, in a life, on rest, in road, in different vital situations the modern person is exposed to various dangers. Therefore one of the main and major functions of any state is protection of the population, objects of a national economy and territory of the country against extreme situations of natural, technogenic, socio-political character.

But except the help from the state, the person should have knowledge, experience, skills and readiness for actions in any unexpected and unforeseen situations.

The chair of life safety, teaching disciplines "Life safety", "Labour safety bases", "The Labour safety in branch", "Civil protection", is guided by one purpose - to learn students to keep the health and a life in working conditions and rest, to bring up at students feeling of responsibility to questions of personal and collective safety.

Orientation of work of chair "Life safety" - close cooperation of teachers, students and experts in a labour safety, civil protection and safety of ability to live.

We are always glad to visitors on our chair.